everything you need to have to jump into the IT field

Everyone has one of these types of advisors/mentors. Gym trainer, accountant, lawyer, financial advisor, investment advisor, therapist, or anything else.

What about a technology advisor or mentor or trainer especially in computer and information technology subjects?

How many times a week or a day are you faced with computer issues and nobody is around to help? How many times do you need to get help to figure out whether a computer or IT solution is doable or not? How many times have you stuck to choosing the best device like a laptop for your purposes? How many times have you lost your social media page, and nobody was there to help? and so on. 

So, you need a personal IT/Computer MENTOR or TRAINER during the CHALLENGING TIME to be around you specifically

What do you need?

What we can do?

We are here to help you solve daily issues, answer technological questions, make business IT-based solutions, make budget investigations for your IT/computer shopping plans, help find the best provider or supplier, and so on. Also, businessmen and businesswomen are too busy to read, learn, install and implement. We are here to assist you, instead of you thinking, planning, providing, installing and utilizing IT tools and solutions.

Our role is to assist companies and organizations in managing their technology usage.

This may entail evaluating aspects of a firm's computer systems such as cybersecurity, software performance, and data and analysis, all of which can have an impact on how a company benefits from the technology it employs.

We could make plans to updating and maintain your technology, as well as provide recommendations on which new technical advances may help you succeed.

Also we could repair IT systems and technology gadgets that businesses rely on to run their operations. 

We could be in charge of a wide range of duties relating to the creation and maintenance of computer networks.

The day-to-day activities of network consultants vary depending on the employer, however, some common responsibilities include:

Creating computer networks that are tailored to the demands of businesses, Keeping computer networks up to date and resolving technical challenges, Developing data storage and retrieval methods, Computer networks must be kept up to date with new technology.

And putting in place network security measures.

We provide consultation services to define the scope of website development projects, put SEO tactics into practice to enhance website traffic and maintain websites.

They could operate as private consultants or be recruited by companies and web design studios. 

Also, We enhance, optimize, and expand your online presence on social media. How to improve pages, get correct tools, manage and keep updating them.

To maximize insights for clients, additional services for Power BI must take advantage of its strong analytics capabilities. 

Our services extend the capabilities of Power BI, enabling organizations to make data-driven choices with accuracy and speed. These include creating personalized data visualizations, refining data models, and offering comprehensive training and support.