Tasty Internet

Get Netlayers Inc. Internet 600 MB speed for only 65$/mo and 1200 MB speed for only 75$/mo. Available in GTA. 


Our team of experts will diagnose and troubleshoot network issues, and implement proactive measures to optimize network performance and ensure business continuity.  


We help you to answer your questions and fix, provide, set up, train, design, consult, support, and secure your IT asset in any issue, subject, challenge, compromise, hack, update, or supply. 

Data Reporting

Whether you're looking to gain actionable insights, enhance decision-making, or improve productivity, our team of experienced developers is here to help. 

Social Media and Web site

providing social media and complete web design services that improve your online presence. We can turn your digital presence into an interesting and memorable experience, from gorgeous website design to clever social media marketing.